How Tos: Mail Merge

Scott @ THE WELL
6 days agoMarch 25, 2020
Hi Jess, thank you for this video. How do I edit my email distribution list to only those who show contributions within a certain time frame, such as two years?
6 days agoMarch 25, 2020
Can CCB post HTML email templates for use? We don't have in house HTML expertise and don't want to have too go to third party like Mailchimp
6 days agoMarch 25, 2020
Thanks for the pointers! 
What about those that don't have an email address?  Do you have instructions on how to build that template out? 
Can I embed a video into the email, or is using the link the best option?
Looking forward to learning more about using this tool!
6 days agoMarch 25, 2020
+1 to Russ's comment.
Jennifer Saunders
6 days agoMarch 25, 2020
I would love a video on how to create an email template with the different sections and graphics and shading.
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