2019 Q2 Webinar

Neville Eldridge
15 days agoMay 12, 2019
With regard to the Giving platform, will your full stack processor cater for Australian churches and banks or will you be integrating with something like Stripe, which is available in Australia, or are we going to be stranded? We are currently using Pushpay but when Pushpay is eventually set adrift, where does that leave Australian churches?
15 days agoMay 12, 2019
How can I sign up for the PEP Squad?
Lindsey Kanous
14 days agoMay 13, 2019
We use Gyve for our giving platform and are transitioning out of Push Pay. How does the new congragent app work when we are using a different platform? Right now CCB giving is for our payments from forms.  If we dont pay for the new CCB platform will we still be able to process form payments through CCB? What will change about that?
13 days agoMay 14, 2019
Hello!  We were wondering, for the giving app, pricing said that more than $25k/month in online giving would get a custom quote.  That would be us.  How do we get this quote and do you anticipate the charges to be higher or lower with more volume?
12 days agoMay 15, 2019
Is there a way to get on the list for Beta testing the Service Planning features as they roll out?
3 days agoMay 24, 2019
Will the giving processor work with Quickbooks online? (will it be able to push transactions/information to Quickbooks online?)
Greg Balzer
2 days agoMay 25, 2019
Will your new Giving platform also require us to sign up with a Payment Processor? Do they also charge a fee? Are there any other "sign-ups" required?
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