2019 Q3 Webinar

about 1 month agoJuly 21, 2019
So very excited to hear about the Schedules and Plans update! I love that you can choose to show times now on plans and print plans. It may seem small but is a big time saver!
Connie Campbell-Pearson
28 days agoJuly 23, 2019
Why does my page not show Integration (under the gear) or Schedules and Plans on the Left side?
Product Marketing
28 days agoJuly 24, 2019
Hi Connie, it could be because what you are seeing here is only in Beta at this time.  You should see these changes next month in your software.
Kelly Eltringham
27 days agoJuly 24, 2019
When you say BluePay does that include CardPoint/CardConnect?
Carla Cozort
26 days agoJuly 25, 2019
We do remote deposit capture direct through our bank.  I know RDC is also available through CCB, how does this work?  Does the bank we use have to be integrated with CCB, are there only certain banks? How does Profit Stars fit in to this? Are they the 3rd party that will link our bank to CCB?
26 days agoJuly 25, 2019
Will "memos" on deposits be visible on reports and/or in people profiles when looking back at previous transactions?  The only way to see Memos now is to actually open the transaction again. I'd really love to be able to easily see a memo if I've attached one to a gift split.
26 days agoJuly 25, 2019
Can we integrate Schedules with "Song Select" now?  Please tell me how!
Shirlene Wise
25 days agoJuly 26, 2019
I think I heard the statement that batches were going away.  How are we going to collect the cash and check donations that were deposited by us at the bank?  Thank you.
Sharon Gilbert
18 days agoAugust 2, 2019
Please confirm cost again.  Credit Cards 30 cents/transaction and 2.3% of funds processed.  ACH 20 cents/transaction and 2.0% of funds processed?
Sharon Gilbert
18 days agoAugust 2, 2019
Also, since there is no monthly cost for processing Credit Card and ACH transactions, will be see an increase in the yearly cost of CCB?
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